At Refurb, the alpha and omega is that you as a customer always get the same experience as when you buy new. Therefore, we strive to give you the same warranty and right of complaint as when buying new equipment – we even offer the opportunity to test the equipment for 14 days with our satisfaction guarantee.

Same coverage as when buying new

We are aware that when you buy used products, there are great demands on trust – that is why you as a customer at Refurb are covered as if it were the purchase of new equipment – yes, we even believe that you are covered even better.

Refubs satisfaction guarantee - Test the products for 14 days!
When you as a consumer shop at Refurb, you always have a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. This means you can open, turn on and use your computer, mobile phone or tablet whatever you want. You may even want to install programs and applications on the device - and if you find up to 14 days of use that it does not live up to your expectations and needs, you can always send it back to Refurb - at our expense of course.

Warranty and right of complaint
When you shop with us, you always get 24 months right of complaint – just like when you buy a new one. But with Refurb, you even get a 12-month warranty. It is your guarantee to have an experience like the one you know from other purchases.

Refurb Totalforsikring®

Several of us know it – the iPad slips out of our hands and takes a walk on the floor, you spill coffee in your laptop, the screen is broken when you take it out of your bag, or the computer in the office suddenly goes black… what do you do then? We have the answer!

With Refurb Totalforsikring you will be extra well covered. We insure you against virtually all faults and accidents - regardless of whether you use the product at home, at work or on a trip – and regardless of whether you or your children are to blame for the accident.

With our Total Insurance, you can get up to a 3-year guarantee against virtually all errors and accidents. If the accident is out, the insurance pays for the repair or secures you a new similar product.

Up to 3 years total coverage
We offer total insurance with insurance policy periods from 1-3 years. You can therefore adjust the coverage to the time horizon you have for replacement – or to a possible repayment period if you have chosen to finance your new product. Everything is entirely up to you and your needs.

NOTE:You can even purchase the insurance up to 14 days after you have received your product. On tlf. (+45) 7020 3647 or

Rather ask once too much
Should there be any questions about our total insurance, you are always welcome to call us on (+45) 7020 3647 or send us an email on We are more than happy to help you find the solution that suits your needs.

In doubt about what the insurance covers?
You can read about the coverage in the item list above - or see the complete insurance conditions here.

Has the accident occurred?
Claims can be reported online 24/7. Once you have created the review, you must submit the product to us. Remember to enclose a copy of your order or invoice for the product as well as a copy of the claim notification.

Please report the damage as soon as possible so that the damage can be limited. Remember that you must have the bill for the product and the serial number ready when you start the review.

When you report an insurance claim
You can report insurance claims online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The total insurance is offered in collaboration with USG Danmark Forsikringsagentur, CVR no. 18850508.

Report claim

What does the insurance cover?

  • Expenses for repairs, spare parts and wages.
  • Technical crashes and accidents
  • Screen breakage, moisture and liquid damage.
  • If you drop the product
  • If you spill a cup of coffee or similar over the computer.
  • The insurance covers worldwide.
  • Fast damage treatment – within 24 hours
  • New similar product for total damage – and no deductible for repairs (mobile phones, however, 399, - at deductible)

Frequently asked questions about warranty and insurance

n our customer service, we often get lots of questions about warranty and insurance on our products. Below we have collected the most frequently asked questions, including the answers to them. If you do not find the answer to your question, you are very welcome to contact us at or (+45) 7020 3647.

Our 14-day satisfaction guarantee means you can open, turn on and use your computer, mobile phone or tablet. You may even install on the device without forfeiting your right to return the item within the 14 day period.

Right of complaint
Reklamationsret er en lovpligtig ret, som eksisterer ved alle forbrugerkøb i Danmark. Reklamationsretten dækker fejl på produktet i 2 år, men det er køberens pligt at påvise at fejlen har været tilstede siden produktet blev købt. Det første halv år fra købstidspunktet har reklamationsretten det man kalder formodningsreglen. Denne siger at enhver fejl indenfor de første 6 måneder må formodes at have været tilstede fra starten af, og derfor skal sælgeren det første halve år bevise at fejlen er selvforskyldt, hvis ikke den skal dækkes under reklamationsretten. Mange tror at denne formodningsregel er lovpligtig garanti, men i Danmark er der pr. lov ingen garanti, da en garanti skal dække dig bedre end loven for at må kaldes garanti.

The warranty should give you something further beyond what is required by law; that is, the right of complaint. At Refurb we give a 1 year warranty from the receipt of the machine. Here we have the burden of proof for all errors throughout the first year, so that all errors are basically covered unless they are self-inflicted. For example, in the event of liquid damage or loss of the machine, there will be a self-inflicted damage.

In addition to the machine, our warranty also covers the power supply throughout the first year, and the battery capacity in relation to the modulation the machine has.

The warranty period starts from the day you receive the machine and runs by default 1 year from this date. Additional warranty or insurance can be purchased at an additional cost.

Our total insurance covers all damages that have not been done intentionally. For example, if you intentionally pour a cup of box into the machine to get it covered by the insurance, then it will not be covered. In return, any accident, sudden breakdown or the like will be covered by the insurance.

If you have not purchased insurance at the time of purchase you must create a complaint case on our complaint page. If you imagine that the problem can be solved over the phone or have questions about the process, you can always contact us at (+45) 7020 3647.

If you have purchased insurance at the time of purchase, and the damage is covered under warranty or right of complaint, you must create a complaint case on our complaint page. If you are in doubt about whether the error is covered, you can contact us on (+45) 7020 3647, where we can help guide you in the right direction.

Have you purchased insurance at the time of purchase, and do you know that the defect is not covered under warranty or right of complaint. you must report the claim to USG, the insurance company that handles the insurance purchased with Refurb. You do that by clicking here.