Since 2008 Refurb has been setting new standards within the fields of data security, recycling and the environment in the IT industry in Denmark. As a leading actor of redistributing IT hardware, we can ensure that your company's IT equipment will be recycled in a professional, secure and environmentally correct manner. We collaborate with the most ambitious and responsible IT professionals, in both private and governmental organizations, in order to increase the quality and effect of reusing IT.

Deep professionalism, a strong co-dependance for the environment and propriety is what Refurb represent. Through the last 12 years, we have been making an environmental difference for more than 500 businesses. Should we make a difference together with you?

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ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 27001

Data security, logistics and the environment – we've got you covered!

Changing your IT infrastructure is usually too demanding for your organization. The focus is on the new and exciting things, and the used equipment ends up on a to-do list or maybe in a basement – where it gives no value. Involve us as early in the process as you can, to get the most value out of the used IT. Because there is actually something to be looking forward to!

Your valuable IT hardware, and especially data, is not something you can pass on to others, based solely on trust. We will make sure that you are not left in the dark – we will be keeping you fully oriented through the entire process. It is all about feeling safe all the way through.


Erasing data requires professional competencies. We are ISO 27001 certified and ensure that all of your data is deleted fully and responsible.

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No matter if the IT is packaged or still in use, we'll find the best solution for you. We are ISO 9001 certified and handle the entire process.

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Reusing is one of the most positive contributors to the environment. We are ISO 14001 certified and know everything about how to handle IT environmentally correct.

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Your used IT equipment might be worth a lot of money. We take this seriously. You will experience high professionalism, expertise and transparency in pricing.

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Do you already have used IT that is not in use anymore? Let us help you – order a pickup by calling us at (+45) 7020 3647

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Learn more about our focus areas

Data security

The fear of losing control over the sensitive data stored on the company's IT equipment can discourage many from sending the IT equipment in a reuse-loop.

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Your used IT equipment has value. We take this seriously. You will experience high professionalism, expertise and transparent pricing.

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We will handle the entire process, when your IT is being phased out. No matter if the IT is packaged or still in use, we have experience in finding the best solution for you.

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