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Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Our consumption of electronics is increasing.

One of the biggest challenges in our part of the world is our overconsumption. We buy new, we upgrade, we add, we expand – and we throw away. A rapidly growing 'use-and-throw-away' culture prevails, especially regarding our electronics. That means that our fully functioning and often perfectly fine products end up, all too often and all too quickly, with destruction.

Circular Economy

Produce, use, throw away...

Our classical linear thinking – take, make, waste – and the exponential growth of e-waste (electronic waste) have created a need for better and more environmentally friendly alternatives.

We cannot eliminate consumption. It is about consuming better and minimising the amount of waste. It's really very simple: We need to use what is already there.

The materials used to produce a product (e.g. a computer) are a scarce resource and, therefore, something we must utilise as much as possible without it being lost. The cost is too high for it to end up as waste. Over 90% of all electronics can be recycled before becoming waste.

Circular economy

Not just one solution.

A circular economy is not just one solution. A circular economy is several solution models for that challenge.

A circular economy encourages and makes strict innovative demands on producers, consumers, and our shared infrastructure, to keep our IT products (and other products) in circulation for longer – thus optimising the use of the limited resources. It involves repairing, reusing, or recycling products to extend their life cycle rather than throwing them into landfill, either in their original form or as valuable resources in new production. In short, today's goods are tomorrow's resources.

A circular economy is about making better use of resources by designing, producing, selling, and consuming differently.

Circular Economy

The quality is preserved.

Refurb® refurbishes and preserves the quality of existing products. The goal is to close the circuits as much as possible – preferably in an infinite loop.

A Refurb® product is not just a "used" product. It is refurbished to be a better alternative to new.

It makes it possible to do something better for the planet and, at the same time, have all the technology you need. Choosing a refurbished Refurb® product contributes directly to CO2 savings, as no new products have to be produced.

Circular economy

The benefits are numerous.

There are several advantages to us using something that has already been produced. The planet's scarcity of resources must be taken seriously. We need to change our consumption of electronics. The benefits of using something that has already been produced cannot be ignored.

Number of millions of tonnes of e-waste generated globally
2030 (estimated)