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Refurbished IT. Fully functional IT.

During an extensive refurbishment process, your product goes through a series of quality checks to ensure the well-known Refurb® quality. Previous data is deleted – defective parts are replaced – software is updated – the product is cleaned. A series of strict standards ensure you get the best possible experience when holding a Refurb® product.


Traces of use are not removed. They can't. They are part of the product's unique life story.


The battery is fully utilised.

A Refurb® product has already had one or more owners. That is what justifies the existence of Refurb®. However, this does not mean that the battery is finished – far from it. Therefore, we must make full use of this scarce resource.


In a refurbished product, you will typically find a lithium-ion battery. Its contents are not very environmentally friendly. It is, therefore, a requirement that the battery in a Refurb® product is only replaced during the refurbishment process when absolutely necessary. Thereby we create the smallest possible environmental impact.


Your refurbishment guarantee.

To create greater transparency when purchasing refurbished IT, you will find a grading system that reflects the condition of a given Refurb® product.


Any Refurb® product is divided into categories A, B, and C according to appearance/cosmetic condition, battery capacity, and functionality.

Grade A

A Refurb® product in very good condition, thoroughly tested, cleaned and fully functional. The product may have minor scratches. The battery will have at least 80% of its original capacity.

Grade B

A Refurb® product in good condition, thoroughly tested, cleaned and fully functional. The product may have more noticeable signs of use than Grade A. Like a Grade A product, the battery will have at least 80% of the original capacity.

Grade C

A Refurb® product in less good condition than Grade A and B, thoroughly tested and cleaned. The battery will have at least 30% of its original capacity.