When used IT equipment needs to be replaced, it must be as simple as possible – and have a minimal impact on your business. We know how and have more than 10 years of experience, have collected equipment more than 1000 times, done business in 35 countries or more, and our ISO 9001 certification in quality assurance underlines the fact that Refurb is the obvious choice.

The full overview

As soon as your used computers lands at our high-security storage facility, a comprehensive process is set in progress.

The first step is a physical Quality and Quantity control of the goods received. This is usually done by the warehouse manager and your contact person – the purchaser with whom you made an agreement with.

The units received are registered with a unique ID-number, which is linked to the serial number of the unit. This ID will follow the unit through the whole process.

After the units are received – with a unique ID – all the units are graded according to the grading categories, and in that way you get a full overview and documentation of the number of units received and the exact condition.

Next step is that we extract the specifications of each units, and afterwards data is erased according the algorithm agreed upon. We can erase data with more than 25 various algorithms, and with different types of erasing-software, e.g. Blancco amongst other. The Danish Data Protection Agency recommends DoD 5220-22M or similar.

We anonymize all units by removing every evidence present on the units. This could be likes of stickers, anti-theft marks and other physical marks.

The erasure of the data is documented in a detailed report including certificates of erasure. The report is send to you, or stored at Refurb for up to 5 years, so you always can request a copy.

In addition to the Data Erasure Report, you will receive a fully detailed overview of all units received and processed, this includes information about; model, specification, condition and grading.

Finally, it is settled based on the statement in the recipient's report.

We give you full documentation:

  • Data Erasure Report with verification of the erasure
  • Documentation of physically shredded units
  • Certificates of erasure with a signature of the Data Erasure Responsible
  • A Recipient Report with a thorough documentation of the received units and their specification and grade

Transport and storage with high security


Follow your IT equipment all the way through data erasure


We grade the condition and the quality of the equipment


The IT-equipment is erased for data and anonymized


Summation and reports will be sent

We'll help you all the way

We handle the entire process, when you are about to change your IT-infrastructure.

No matter if the IT equipment is still in use, or if it's already packageed and ready for pickup, we have the experience to help you.

The most important issue when moving IT equipment is the security. Security of the protection of the data, and that the units are making its way to the location, in the same condition as when you handed it over. Finally, a security for you, is that it affects your business as little as possible. Here the many years of experience in purchasing used IT creates value – we have a fixed and simple model that ensures you a simple process and maximum benefit.

If you have less than 200 units our GPS-tracked safety lockers are the ideal solution for you. The safety locker comes with an individual code – it is only you and Refurb who can access them. We are also able to track them, if you chose to use another carrier than Refurbs own solution.

Do you have more than 200 units? Then we can suit the solution just for you needs. We can handle all sort of tasks, all over the whole world, with some help from out international logistics-partners, and we can suit the level of service based on your wishes.

As an example, we offer to take down the equipment onsite, packing of the units, even to make the data erasure onsite. Our goal is for you to concentrate on the new setup – and do what creates value for your company.

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Your used IT equipment has value. We take this seriously. You will experience high professionalism, expertise and transparent pricing.

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