IT is a large part of everyday life in Danish schools – both for school use and the administration. Refurb offers individually adapted solutions for the operation of your particular school. Refurbished IT is a better alternative to new – both for the environment and quality for the money.

Advice, warranty and service

Refurb has 12 years of experience in buying and selling refurbished IT to schools and educational institutions.
Whether you buy, lease, rent or sell the school's IT equipment, the effect of a collaboration with Refurb will create considerable value from day one.

Our service includes advice, delivery, financing and insurance for both larger customized solutions and ongoing single purchases. The warranty on our products is always a minimum of 12 months warranty and 24 months right to complain.

We can help with:

  • Hardware for administration and school use
  • Class sets for free and primary schools
  • EAN invoicing
  • Leasing, service agreements and insurance
  • Bring or choose your own device
  • Network and software management
  • Acquisition and repurchase of school IT
We adapt to your needs

IT in teaching is a requirement, but the scope and composition of equipment varies from school to school. We have the experience to advise you and offer individual solutions. Whether you use desktops or laptops, they can be delivered in packages with a screen and keyboard. Laptops, desktops and tablets can always be delivered as a class set.

We listen and advise you, so that together we find exactly what can best meet your needs. Call us on + 45 7020 3647 or on mail

Bring or choose your own device

An ever-increasing focus on the inclusion of IT in teaching places great demands on schools' IT budgets. Many institutions solve this by using the concept "Bring your own device".

The solution is immediately good for the school's finances, but puts pressure on parental pay, exhibits social differences and costs on teaching efficiency as well as IT administration, as the support is spread over a large number of different units.

At Refurb, we offer two solutions that should meet the different challenges:
1. An affordable quality product for "Bring your own device”
2. An alternative solution called "Choose your own device”

The difference between the two models lies in the ownership of the devices. Should the student buy and bring their own devices? Or can the school make the equipment available, possibly through a rental solution?

Bring your own device

If your school's policy is for students to bring their own computer, Refurb offers to put together a package that both supports your needs, makes the support task easier for the IT manager and ensures that there are models in several price ranges.

Students order together and shop directly with Refurb. Refurb stands for all guarantees and support.

With a "Bring your own device" solution from Refurb, you get the opportunity to refer the student to a solution that includes:

  • Hardware to suit the needs of your school
  • A catalog of products at student-friendly prices
  • Possibility to collect orders
  • Up to 36 months warranty
  • Up to 36 months Total insurance
  • Financing with installments

Choose your own device

If your school's policy is the other way around, that the school buy the computers and let the students borrow the equipment. Possibly, with student payment, then Refurb's "Choose your own device" solution could suit you.

The model can be put together in exactly the way that suits your school or institution.

Choose from the following to build your solution:

  • Hardware elements
  • Up to 36 months Total insurance
  • Up to 5 years extended Warranty
  • Leasing or up-front settlement
  • Repairs with you already next weekday
  • Specialized software deployment with your image

Let's make it easy!

We listen and advise you, so that together we find exactly what best meet your needs. Feel free to contact us through the contact form below – we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Each of our customers and partners has individual needs. We respect that and take pride in delivering quality combined with flexible and individual solutions.

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About Refurb

We purchase used IT equipment from companies and public organizations for refurbishment and recycling. We have been a circular economic enterprise for more than a decade.

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Our own environmental responsibility

To leave the world in a better position, we must all contribute. We are convinced that the biggest difference happens when the good choice is both good business and good for the environment.

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