Each of our customers and partners has individual needs. We respect that and take pride in delivering quality combined with flexible and individual solutions. As a total supplier of hardware solutions, Refurb offers a range of services that ensure that you reach your goals regardless of the needs.

Service is something special

At Refurb, we understand that it is the overall package that gives the solution value. For us, it's not just about selling hardware, but about making a difference.

We make IT recycling a better alternative to new by offering high quality products with associated services that make your solution the right one for you. The benefit for all of us is that by recycling we do not have to produce new.

So whether we need to help you finance, insure or take the units back when you have finished using them, we can make a solution that suits you. We trust our product so much that we offer up to 36 months warranty.

At Refurb, you are never left to yourself. Even before your purchase, you are guaranteed free advice in the composition of your IT setup. We believe that recycling is a better alternative on several levels.

It requires trust in us and our products and therefore we always seek to enter into dialogue before, during and after a collaboration. You need to be safe and better off by making the right choice.

If you want free advice in the composition of your solution, you are welcome to contact us on telephone + 45 7020 3647.

We offer the following services

  • Leasing and financing
  • Free advice in choosing solutions
  • Warranty up to 36 months
  • Extended or Total Insurances
  • Take back solutions
  • Data deletion and associated certification
  • Data and software deployment
  • Environment and CSR profiling

Refurb financing, warranty and insurance


We have several years of experience in financing IT equipment through leasing or other financing models. We work with the best leasing companies within IT hardware and can suit the solution just to your needs. We also offer rental and installment models as an alternative to leasing financing of IT hardware.

Warranty and insurance

Responsible consumption is about us using what we produce for as long as possible. That is why we offer several insurance products and warranty solutions. Basically, you always have a 12 month warranty when you shop at Refurb. This can be extended to up to 36 months.

Refurb Totalforsikring can be extented to up to 36 months and covers all the accidents that should happen to the unit – even liquid damage.

Refurb data deletion, data deployment and environment

Used IT and data deletion

As soon as you have finished using your IT equipment, we will help you get rid of it. We call it Take back. Either we buy it back so that others with different needs can benefit from it. If it is used up, we take it apart and send it for recycling so that the materials can be used again.

We certify the data deletion and can send you a report as proof that all your data has been permanently removed.

Data deployment

At Refurb, we install Microsoft Windows 10 in updated versions and licensed for your devices. We can do this because we, as authorized Microsoft refurbishers, must license Microsoft products on used devices. Your security for real software, but also your opportunity to get something in the installation. We carry out the deployment of your software image or software packages by appointment.

Environment and CSR profiling

In addition to the complacency of knowing you have done the right thing, it can sometimes be nice to tell others. Therefore, always include both the purchase and sale of your devices in the company's CSR reporting.

By buying refurbished IT from Refurb, you directly contribute to CO2 savings, as no new products have to be produced. The most important thing, however, is the savings on raw materials, materials, transport and the derived effects on increased waste. More than 70% of the hazardous waste substances in our waste come from IT and electronics.

Should we find the right solution for you?

If you need free advice in the composition of your IT solution, you are welcome to contact us on telephone + 45 7020 3647 or through the contact form below.