For more than a decade, Refurb has been a circular economic enterprise with the overall purpose of creating a sustainable business based on refurbishment. We are convinced that the biggest difference happens when the good choice is both good business and good for the environment. We are not philanthropists. As a company and workplace, we bear a responsibility. Our product is not enough – we want more. We are constantly inspired to take new steps towards a greener world.

Our efforts in brief

Here you can see how we work to become a greener business. Below you can read more in detail about the individual areas.

  • We refurbish more than 50,000 data-containing devices annually.
  • All incoming cardboard is sorted and sent for recycling if we cannot use it again ourselves.
  • We use recycled cardboard and recycle already produced packaging where we can.
  • Furniture for the offices such as desks, office chairs, meeting tables and chairs, canteen and more are recycled at 3R office / Holmris B8
  • Equipment and machines for production such as storage towers, trolleys, trucks, work tables, whiteboards, etc. are recycled.
  • Our own IT such as work computers, monitors, servers and info screens are recycled.
  • The IT we cannot reuse, er separate and reuse in collaboration with Stena Recycling.
  • The building is an energy class A+ building heated with radiant heat in the production areas and meets the requirements for environmentally friendly construction.
  • All lighting is energy-saving LED.
  • All our electricity is green and CO2 neutral supplied by Norlys.
  • All cleaning agents for both production and construction are environmentally friendly.
  • CO2 neutral website.
  • Bees and an area with "wild with will" in collaboration with Bistad.
  • We use air exchange systems in the air conditioning, which means that we reuse heat from offices and production.
  • We turn off the district heating from April to October.
  • We work with food waste and sorting of residual waste, but do not have the final solution yet.
  • As far as possible, local and organic purchases are made for our canteen.

Recycling through and through

Less consumption and more reuse of what has already been produced. These are the actions that have the greatest effect on green conversion. Rather than looking at energy consumption during use, we must all learn that the cost of digging valuable metals out of the ground and using energy to produce it, and subsequently transporting it across the globe, is a far greater environmental impact than e.g., using a computer in everyday life.

We buy our cardboard and packaging materials from, among others, Lund & Christensen A/S, which sells used packaging. This means that less cardboard has to be produced, which naturally minimizes the impact on the environment. We also try, as far as possible, to buy cardboard made from recycled materials and reuse as much as possible of the packaging we receive goods in. The cardboard we cannot use ourselves is pressed and handed over for recycling.

All furniture in office premises, canteen and meeting rooms is recycled and purchased from 3R Kontor / Holmris B8. This applies to work tables, office chairs, meeting tables and chairs, all canteen furniture, whiteboards, table lamps and reception.

Our own work computers are of course refurbished, purchased from ourselves. But this also applies to other IT such as servers, monitors, info screens, mobile phones, desk phones, headsets, printers and our entire internal network.

Equipment and machinery for production are also recyclable. This applies to everything from hand-held scanners, label printers, work tables and trolleys to the large machines such as automatic storage towers, trucks and furniture such as pallet racks.

Minimize consumption where we can

Refurb is based in Hornslet in Syddjurs. Here we live in a 3000 sqm large building with an energy class A+, heated with radiant heat in the production areas and in every way live up to the requirements for environmentally friendly construction.

The building is heated on district heating, which we turn off in the period from April to October to limit consumption. We also use an air exchange system in the air conditioning, which means that we reuse heat from offices and production. All lighting in the building is power-saving LED where possible. The electricity for both light, production and the rest of our energy consumption is green electricity and CO2 neutral based on hydropower and supplied by Norlys.

We compensate where we can - just call it indulgence

We have chosen to make our website CO2-neutral, in order to further minimize the environmental impact. We do this by purchasing CO2 quotas corresponding to the energy our servers use to keep us online. Despite the fact that the servers are recycled and the power is CO2 neutral, we buy allowances as if it were new and with conventional power.

We cannot avoid using a lot of electricity in our production, so we buy it from renewable energy. We also cannot avoid using chemicals for cleaning, so we use environmentally friendly and certified products.

The used IT we buy from companies and which cannot be refurbished is separated into material types and recycled in collaboration with our partner Stena Recycling. Because of that, there is no need to dig for raw resources again, but it can be produced from something that has already been processed. Hopefully it will be new computers we can buy in a few years.

As part of our environmental efforts, we have installed a hive in front of the building in Hornslet. Bees contribute positively to the environment and are a cornerstone of our ecosystem. Over one-third of our food production is dependent on bee pollination, but the population is declining sharply and has been for several years. The bees are set up in collaboration with the company BISTAD, which is a socio-economic company.

BISTAD gives particularly vulnerable citizens the opportunity to get a job, by BISTAD offering vulnerable citizens meaningful work with a community based foundation for the production of honey. The area around our hive we are working on making wild on purpose.

But we are not at the finish line

We see more opportunities to change the business in a greener direction. Therefore, we are working on updating our efforts in several areas where we see potential. This applies to areas such as transport, waste sorting, eco-labelling and much more.

If you have suggestions about something, we can do to create a greener business, please send us your suggestion.