Recycled IT – or refurbished IT – is a term for used IT equipment that is renovated, upgraded and gets the latest software. Refurb guarantees that you get refurbished IT of the highest quality. Our ambition to make recycling a better alternative to new also applies in practice.

Refurbishment as a concept

Many used computers, monitors and laptops end up being destroyed too often – and too quickly. We think that is a pity! Although the office's laptops been depriciated in the company's accounts and therefore replaced, others can easily benefit from them for several years to come.

The concept is simple - and the benefits are many. Quite simply, you get a quality computer from the most reputable manufacturers at a much lower price than what you would otherwise spend on buying a similar new one. In fact, you can usually save more than 50% on a computer that has only been in operation for 2-4 years.

At the same time help to reduce the environmental footprint is a benefit for all of us!

Recycled IT is both an economic and environmental benefit. 80% of all the energy a computer uses in its lifetime is used during manufacturing. By buying recycled IT from Refurb, you get high quality at a lower price and a warranty as when buying a new one – while at the same time doing something good for the environment.

Refurbished IT is secure and of high quality

It is safe to buy used

We want to make refurbished IT a better alternative than new. Therefore, you should be as confident in buying a refurbished computer as you are in buying a brand new one.

When you shop with us, you always get a 2 year warranty and a 14 day full return policy. Just like when you buy new; but with Refurb, the normal 6-month warranty is extended to 12 months – and can be further extended to 3 years. We call your 14-day right of return the Refurb Satisfaction Guarantee, which gives you the right to open and test the product. So you can try the product out, install and test it and still regret it. It's your insurance to get an experience like the one you know from other purchases – and even a little extra.

No data from previous owner

Refurb has a modern and professional setup for data erasure. In other words, all data from previous users has been deleted - with a guarantee. We use the same deletion algorithms as several military institutions.

We are also "Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher", as one of approx. 75 companies in the world. For you, this means that you are dealing with a company that always lives up to Microsoft's requirements and rules regarding "refurbishment" and licensing of recycled IT equipment.

Recycling covers your needs

Developments have shown – for some explained by Moore's Law back in 1965 – that computing power is evolving exponentially. This means, in a rough translation, that you can expect a twice as powerful PC approx. every two years. There are still graphics and game providers trying to take full advantage of the capacity in the latest level of technology.

If, on the other hand, you do not work professionally with heavy video editing, you are fine covered with a computer that has a few years of faithful service behind it. The development is, so to speak, far ahead of the need. The system requirements for Microsoft's latest Office program are covered, for example, by computers up to 7-8 years old.

What is the products condition?

There may be an aesthetic difference in our products. That is why we give all products a name for the conditions, so you know what to expect from the product you buy. All our products are sold as functional, ie. that there are no defects that affect the use of the equipment.

To ensure transparency about the condition and appearance of the product, Refurb uses a grading system that containes 3 different grades – A, B and C.

Everything is assessed based on a number of criteria, including cosmetic condition, performance, battery capacity, ect. This means that we have set minimum requirements for, for example, the battery's capacity, so you know what you are getting – and if the battery unexpectedly does not comply with the minimum requirement, you will of course receive an extra replacement battery.

Grade A is our best grade, which is an expression of very nice machines – and you get a machine here that is in very good condition. Both Grade B and Grade C are functional machines that can live up to all today's requirements – the graduation must only be used as an expression of our guarantee of the battery's durability as well as the cosmetic condition of the product – and not an expression of the machine's functional condition, as the machine is always functional.