Refurb has existed since 2008 and is today one of the leading refurbishers in Scandinavia. A lot has happened since its infancy, and today we have established ourselves as a sustainable business - both financially and environmentally. We have grown on the physical size, on the number of employees, and on the difference we make to the environment. We currently employ 45 employees, all of whom have their daily routine at our head office in Hornslet in Syddjurs Municipality north of Aarhus.

A true entrepreneurial story

Refurb was established in a garage in Aarhus by the three schoolmates Ulrik, Martin and Peter.

Refurb is a development of 2.HandIT which Ulrik had founded a few years before. In the first years after the founding of Refurb in 2008, buying and selling recycled IT was just one of several business areas. The primary focus during this period was on software development. Sales of used electronics at that time took place exclusively through online auctions and only to private individuals.

In 2010, it was decided that Refurb should focus on value recovery of used IT equipment. Since 2010, there has been full focus on the core services of recycling IT for individuals and businesses via e-commerce. It has subsequently developed into Refurb offering hardware and service solutions via. multiple channels.

Today we sell through our own webshop to both consumers and businesses. In addition, sales via distributors, dealers and partners, as well as sales to a number of countries in Europe via webshops and sales of larger lots.

Refurb is also a consultant for the business community and offers acquisitions, data eration, reinstallation of software and sales of IT solutions. Refurb thus functions today as a purchaser of IT, data eration center, distributor, broker, deployment center for Microsoft software and advisor to the business community about total solutions within IT hardware. We are constantly evolving and things are going strong in the industry.

From being a basement project in 2008, Refurb has now grown to be an efficient and modern preparation and production center. We still perceive ourselves as a young business, but among the most experienced in handling and renovating IT.

Facts about Refurb

  • Refurb was established in 2008 by school friends Martin B. Mikkelsen, Peter J. Hove and Ulrik H. Andersen. furb hired the first full-time employee in the fall of 2009
  • The owners today consist of Ulrik H. Andersen, Martin B. Mikkelsen, Peter J. Hove, Torben and Mette Høi Davidsen, Jakob P. Kokfelt, and the Den Sociale Kapitalfond Invest
  • Refurb's mission is to build a solid and sustainable business while doing something good for the environment through recycling
  • Refurb handles over 70.000 units per year in the 3.000 square meter remarketingcenter in Hornslet
  • Refurb sells to companies, public institutions and private individuals. But exclusively buys equipment from companies and the public sector
  • Refurb's building is an energy class A + building that lives up to the expectations for environmentally friendly construction
  • Refurb is one of the few companies in Europe that is 'Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher' and therefore licensed to handle Windows installations on behalf of Microsoft
  • In the summer of 2015, the couple Torben and Mette Høi Davidsen bought 25% of the company
  • In January 2020, 40 % of the company was aquired by Den Sociale Kapitalfond Invest
  • Refurb has grown from one employee in 2009 to 45 employees in 2020

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