Refurb is a growing company that trades with refurbished IT with the idea of creating a sustainable business based on circular economy. Every time we sell a computer, we enjoy that the environment has been saved from a lot of electronic scrap and yet another company, a school or a private consumer has acquired a refurbished quality computer at a very advantageous price compared to what they would have pay for a new one.

That's a winning story!

Facts about Refurb

  • Refurb buys and sells recycled computers, tablets and smartphones via the webshop
  • Refurb's mission is to build a solid and sustainable business while doing something good for the environment through recycling
  • Refurb sells to companies, public institutions and private individuals. But exclusively buys equipment from companies and the public sector
  • Refurb was established in 2008 by school friends Martin B. Mikkelsen, Peter J. Hove and Ulrik H. Andersen
  • Refurb hired the first full-time employee in the fall of 2009
  • The company has grown from one employee in 2009 to 45 employees in 2020
  • Since 2008, Refurb has had positive growth in revenue and visitor numbers
  • Refurb has administration and production facilities in an almost 3000 sqm. energy class A2 building in Hornslet just outside Aarhus
  • In the summer of 2015, the couple Torben and Mette Høi Davidsen bought 25% of the company
  • In January 2020, 40 % of the company was aquired by Den Sociale Kapitalfond Invest
  • The owners today consist of Ulrik H. Andersen, Martin B. Mikkelsen, Peter J. Hove, Torben and Mette Høi Davidsen, Jakob P. Kokfelt, and Den Sociale Kapitalfond Invest

Press material

Here you can download photos for free use as long as Refurb A/S is named as the source. You can download the logo and photo material through the button below.

Jakob Kokfelt

Refurb CEO, Jakob Kokfelt

Refurb founders; Peter Hove (Marketdirektor), Ulrik Hjul Andersen (Chairman of the Board) og Martin Bjørn Mikkelsen (Head of Purchasing)

Refurbs storage is in Hornslet north of Aarhus

Refurb produktion

Refurb recycle up to 98 % of the IT we purchase – the rest is sent to recycling to make use of the raw materials.

Refurb datasletning

Refurb handles all tasks related to deletion in accordance with the latest standards set by the Danish Digitization Agency.

Press contact

Are you a journalist and interested in hearing more about Refurb? Then you are welcome to contact our press officer at the contact information below.

Press Officer:
Peter Hove
Market Direktor

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